Should You Be Running Your Own Social Media?

When starting a small business, there are many jobs you will take on yourself. Most small businesses start out as a one person show. Luckily, as your business grows, this can change. There will likely be certain things you still choose to do yourself, but you don’t have to do it all! For example, running different social media pages. It can feel like a whole other job. This brings up the questions, should you be running your own social media? Let’s look into it!

Starting out Small

It is no surprise that when you start a small business, you are starting off small. Even if you go into it with a business partner, it is generally just the two of you. You don’t start out with employees, so you start out doing everything yourself. It is a great way to save money, and you learn how each part of your business works. But, as you grow, there will be certain tasks you want to hand off to others. Should your social media be one?

Staying Involved

It is important to stay involved in all aspects of your business, no matter how long you have been up and running. Even if you have several locations and dozens of employees, you want to have a hand in the goings-on. Most small businesses are known for their personal touch, so you don’t want to lose that. It is important to have employees who you feel you can trust, but you don’t want to step away completely. It is the same way with social media. You can delegate certain tasks to others, but you don’t want to fully step away from your online branding.

Social Media Team

This is where something like a social media team can come in handy. You will want people monitoring inboxes and notifications from your different platforms. This way, you can keep in touch with customers often and help solve any issues that may come up! It is also not a bad idea to have a team so that each of your platforms can thrive. Meaning, having a team to monitor Tiktok so that your videos can be high quality and keep up with trends. Then, maybe a different team to monitor Instagram or Twitter. This doesn’t mean you need a large staff for just social media though! You can have one person on each app, or one person strictly on social media, giving them plenty of time to work on each platform.

There is no Right or Wrong Answer

At the end of the day, there is no right or wrong answer when it comes to managing your social media. If you decide you want to do it all yourself, that is completely up to you. It can be highly beneficial to allow others to take over, but it probably isn’t a bad idea to still stay involved. Each small business is different, so be sure you are doing what works for you!

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