Let’s Talk Tiktok Influencers

It is no secret that Tiktok is a whole different breed of social media platform. Not only has it become wildly popular, it also has an incredible super power. Tiktok has the power to make your average person a full blown internet star. These influencers are a whole different kind of celebrity, and they are something your business shouldn’t be looking past. Let’s break down why Tiktok influencers could be a great way to boost your business.

Why are Tiktok Influencers Different?

Influencers aren’t a new concept. In fact, we have become so used to influencers being around that we see them on the same level as celebrities. There are entire conventions dedicated to meeting influencers! But, the reason that Tiktok influencers are different has a lot to do with the platforms itself. It isn’t unfair to say that Tiktok content is all over the place. There isn’t a certain structure to follow or a way you have to present yourself. Half of the fun of the app is seeing the weird things people choose to put out there. Take Brittany Broski for example. She put a video of her trying kombucha on the internet and now has 7.1M followers on Tiktok. She is unapologetically herself still, and that is why people love her.

What Does This Mean for Business?

The reason that Tiktok influencers could be so important for a business is because of their literal influence. These people gain fame for obscure reasons, and their followers truly follow them. Meaning that one of these influencers can talk about a product they like, a band they listen to, or style they are trying and cause thousands, if not millions, to follow in their path. A single video about a makeup product by Mikayla Nogueira can sell out that product for months. These people have serious pull, and they know how to use it!

They are Real, so be Real Too

One of the biggest things to keep in mind when considering working with a Tiktok influencer is how authentic most of them are. If you plan on just using them for views or sales, it is time to stop and take a step back. These influencers are famous quite honestly for being themselves, so be sure you keep that in mind. Do you have a product you think an influencer might honestly like? Send it to them! Ask to collaborate. But be sure you are being fair and have really looked into who they are.

If you are considering working along side an influencer, the most important thing to remember is that they are just people. They aren’t a marketing tool for you to use. They are real people who might like and share your company with others! The reason they do so well is by being honest, so the best way for you to benefit from working with them is getting them to honestly review and use your product. It is all about working with people to spread the word about your company truly and authentically!

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