How to Improve Engagement on Social Media

Keeping up your engagement on social media can be tricky. There are so many different theories on how to do it best. Though different tactics can work for different people. it is important to know a few of the basics.

First, what is engagement and why is it important?

Engagement is the interaction you get from people on social media platforms. This can be people commenting, liking, or sharing your content as well as following you. You want to be sure you are getting a steady stream of all of these, though some might seem more important than others. Gaining followers may seem like the most valuable type of engagement, but that isn’t necessarily true.

It’s About More Than Just Followers

A good follower base is important, but it isn’t everything. If you have a large following, but no one is sharing your work, it is hard to grow. Same goes for engagement on your actual posts. If no one is liking or commenting, your posts are less likely to reach other people. The more people that engage with your content, the more likely it is to reach a whole new audience.

Know When to Post

Knowing when to post is something most people don’t think of. It is best to post at least 3 times a week, and posting around noon your local time seems to get the best results. You are wanting to target a time that people are on social media. Posting often keeps you at the forefront of people’s minds, but over posting can cause people to unfollow. That is why you want to be sure you are limiting posting to once a day, not counting content shared to your story.

Interact With Others

In order to get people to engage with your content, you want to be sure you are engaging with others. This can help reach new clients, as well as help build PR. You don’t want your business to seem passive when it comes to their customers, so interacting with them can help that.

Utilize all Your Tools

Using the interactive aspects of Instagram stories is a great way to keep engagement up. You can give people the chance to voice their opinions and get great feedback. You can also participate in trends on Tiktok to help reach new groups of people and show that you are aware of what is popular in the moment. Customers like it when businesses get personal and involved in what they enjoy!

No matter how you do it, keeping in touch with your clients is a great business tool. Not only can it help improve engagement, it can help improve your business overall. Knowing what your clients want and how they feel can help you make good decisions for your company in the future.

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