Find Your Community

Joining a community of likeminded companies can really help your business. You might think that distancing yourself from companies who sell similar products or provide similar services would be best, but this actually isn’t true. Being around businesses like yours can help you gain customers and grow.

Who is Your Community?

In order to find your community, you have to establish what companies that would encompass. You don’t want to limit yourself to businesses that are exactly like yours. If you work in the fashion industry, you would want to build your community around all things fashion. This would mean designers, models, photographers, and so on! It is all about surrounding yourself with people who work in the same field and care about the same things you do.

Why get Involved?

Being involved with businesses that are in your field is important for your growth. Not only can you team up with other companies, but not viewing others in your field as a threat can let customers see you as an authority in your field. By being friendly and working along side other companies, you are seen as a stronger business by your clients. It lets them know that you might be one of many, but you know your value and what sets you apart.

Stay Unique

You want to be sure that despite being apart of a community of similar businesses, that you are not blending together. No one wants to seem like they are taking another company’s ideas. It is important to stay true to your business and your brand. You are creating a community, not merging your companies. Supporting each other is the goal, but staying true to your individual businesses is best.

Being a team player is a great way to show people how serious you are about your products. By being apart of a community, you are showing your passion and knowledge for your brand. It also shows that you are confident enough in your unique take on your business. You might sell something similar to others, or provide a similar service, but you know what sets your company apart!

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