Why You Should be Using an Instagram Shop

Social media is a very important tool that can help grow your business, but did you know it can literally be a piece of your business? Instagram has a great tool that can allow customers to shop your items right from their feed. This allows customers a chance to see your items outside of your website, and much more often. Though you might have loyal customers, they likely aren’t visiting your site everyday. By using an Instagram shop, you are allowing people to see your products regularly and in a more relatable way.

How is it Relatable?

When utilizing the shop tool, you don’t have to make a formal product post. It can be as simple as a photo with your product featured in it somehow. You can even show off several! By adding tags of your products that lead to your online shop, you allow customers to not only see your items, but they are now 2 clicks away from purchasing it. By posting simple photos of a customer or model wearing or using your product, it is more relatable than an item listed on a website. Suddenly, it is a real thing that your audience could see themself using too.

How is it Different Than any Other Online Shop?

At the end of the day, using an Instagram shop really isn’t different that any other form of online shopping, other than its convenience. You should already be working toward your social media being a reflection of your brand, so why not take it a step up? Allow customers to actually shop off your Instagram page! They can see your products, keep up with deals, and shop. Since social media is so popular, you might as well bring the shop to your followers.

Utilizing this tool can help build your customer base as well create a steady flow of repeat customers. Using social media as more than just a place to share content, but also market yourself and sell your products is a great way to build your business. Knowing how to reach your customers is just as important as marketing yourself!

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