Twitter Marketing: It’s all About Communication

When creating a marketing plan, you need to consider all the platforms that could benefit your business. Facebook and Instagram may seem like the most obvious choices, but Twitter shouldn’t be overlooked. Twitter marketing is all about communication, but knowing just how to communicate is key.

How Popular is Twitter?

With over 145 million daily users, Twitter is definitely a platform you should include in your social media marketing. People use this platform in many different things, so you need to be sure you have a plan. You want to be sure your tweets are getting through to your potential clients. Luckily, with so many users, and so many tweets put out a day, a well thought out plan can help you reach a large group.

Set Proper Goals

The goal for Twitter isn’t just going viral, it’s completing an attainable goal. This means that you need to set certain goals, like driving traffic to your website, so that you know what content to put out. Twitter’s algorithm is a little different, so you want to be sure your are catching people’s eye and putting your intended message out there. They may not come across your Twitter again, unless they follow you, so putting your goals out there is important.

Analyze Everything

Like any other platform, you want to be sure your are analyzing your content. Different things will work on different platforms, and Twitter is no different. Some tweets may work better than others. Tweeting at different time may work better as well. These are all things to consider! Keeping an eye on these will help you reach your intended audience.

Interaction is Key

Creating a Twitter account for your business and putting out content is not where the marketing for this app ends. Twitter is all about communication, so if you don’t have someone who is in charge of replying to tweets, you are already missing out. Many customers will use Twitter as a way to voice their thoughts or complaints to a company, and even the biggest companies reply to their tweets. By doing this, you are showing that you care and are listening to customer feedback. This can make all the difference!

Twitter is a great place to truly connect with your clients, but you need to be sure you are doing it in the most effective way. Following these tips can help you reach more people and keep customers happy!

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