Creating a Facebook Marketing Strategy

Facebook is one of the most popular platforms out there. It is actually ranked number 1 in the active users category, with over 2.936 billion monthly active users. Datareportal even found that about 37% of the all people on Earth are Facebook users, making it a fantastic place for your business to advertise. Even though there are so many users, it is important to be sure you are going in the a Facebook marketing strategy. You want to be sure you are using the platform in the best way for your company.

First Things First

Before you even create a Facebook page for your business, it is important that you set goals. Setting business goals can look like many different things. First, you need to know what you are selling, and who you are selling to. This second area may change, but that is okay. You just want to have a basic idea of your target audience. Then, you want to create certain goals around your product and customers. This is more than just selling a certain number of products or growing your following to a certain number. It is about creating a goal that you are truly passionate about. Maybe that is a goal to help reduce waste, or raise awareness for something. Maybe it is creating a sense of community through your company. No matter what, it is important that this is a set goal that everything in your company points to.

Content and Promotion

Creating quality content is arguably one of the most important steps in this process. Creating content can be hard at first, but creating truly quality content is super valuable. You want people to see your posts and immediately be interested in what they see. Taking the time to put out quality, creative, and eye-catching content will help draw people in! It will show how much work you put in, and help you look more professional. Once you have this fantastic content, you can start promoting it with Facebook Ads! Facebook Ads are a great tool to help you reach more people than before. And, since they are built into the platform, they are pretty easy to use.

Check it and Try Again

The final step for creating a Facebook marketing strategy is to measure, analyze, and check your progress and statistics. You can check post engagement, customer responses, and your follow rates. All of these things can tell you how your products are being received. Keeping an eye on this can help you improve very quickly. By listening to your feedback, you can make small changes here and there. Doing this can keep you from having to do a big overhaul on content. It can also keep engagement a bit more consistent. It is so valuable to listen to feedback as you go along!

Your Facebook marketing strategy doesn’t have to be complicated…

You just need to set a solid foundation to work off of! Following these steps are a great way to do just that. Once you have a good foundation, you can begin growing your business more and more.

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