3 Top Trends in Business

Normally when we talk about trends, we mean the newest Tiktok trend. Did you know there is another type of trend you should be paying attention to? And no, not the newest fashion trends. There are certain top trends in business that all companies should be keeping an eye on this year. Let’s look at a few!

Sustainability is Everything

Sustainability is something that many companies are focusing on lately. They have listened to their customers’ complaints, and some are truly trying to listen. This means that many businesses are walking away from one use plastic and trying out better packing materials. Recycled packaging has become a huge thing recently. Some businesses are even being made on the platform of using all recycled or second hand materials.

Shopping Online Looks Different

Online shopping isn’t a new concept, but it looks a little different now. Many businesses are opening their shops to stores on their social media. Platforms like Instagram and Facebook have stores built into the platform, so it makes shopping online even easier. Using social media to show off products is one thing, but allowing customers to buy straight from the app is the trend currently.

Multiple Ways to Pay in Person

It is hard to find many people who carry cash anymore. Stores are noticing, and they are adapting because of it! With the rise of apps like Venmo and ApplePay, many stores are allowing those to be accepted as forms of payment. Noticing that this has become a popular form of banking and payment for many, allowing customers to pay through these platforms shows that a businesses is keeping up with the current trends.

All of these trends are great examples of companies listening to their customers. As the world around your changes, so should your business. Not all of these trends apply to each business, but paying attention to what your customers want to change can help you know how your business can grow.

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