5 Tips for Remote Workers

Here at Allogi, we talk a lot about how to help business owners, but helping workers is just as important! Employees are the backbone of any operation, so it is important for a boss to know how to help keep their workers happy. It is equally as important for workers to be sure they are doing everything they can to stay motivated in their job. Working remotely is the new normal for most people. It can be hard to remain productive and motivated while doing so. Here are some tips for remote workers to help make things a little easier.

Try to Maintain Regular Hours

Most people go into remote working and think they can do their work whenever they want. This is true, but it probably isn’t the most productive way to do it. Unless you took a remote job because you are nocturnal, it is probably best to maintain regular work hours. This means you shouldn’t wait until noon to start your work day. If you start around 9 in the morning, like a regular work day tends to, you are more likely to stay productive. You also won’t get as overwhelmed with work if you start at a decent time in the morning.

Have a Helpful Morning Routine

Routines don’t always help each individual, but a good morning routine never hurt anyone. A morning routine should be more than rolling over, turning your alarm off, and then sitting in bed on your phone until you absolutely have to get up. Try to stay off your phone for as long as you can. Turn on some music, make some tea or coffee, and take some time alone to relax before work starts. This may not be possible for everyone, but whatever version of a helpful morning routine will get you out of bed and feeling ready for the day works.

Give Yourself Breaks

Breaks are super important to productivity. This might sound counterproductive, but it’s true! If you work nonstop with no breaks, you are much more likely to feel burnt out. Breaks are important. And not breaks where you sit on your phone feeling guilty for not working. True, restful breaks. Eat lunch in peace. Read a few pages of a book. Go touch grass. Something to truly step away from work for a little.

Be Mindful of Your Space

When working remotely, your workspace can be just about anywhere. Most people are working somewhere in their homes, but your workspace can make a huge impact. It should be somewhere you can stay organized, and a place you can walk away from and leave work behind. Maybe that just looks like putting all of your work stuff in a bag or closet at the end of the day. Maybe it is a whole room in your house. Whatever it might be, it is important to put your workspace away when the day is done so you can feel like you don’t live at work.

Change it Up From Time to Time

While on the topic of workspace, changing it up from time to time can be really beneficial. If you are a remote worker, you probably have had days where you realize you can’t remember the last time you left your house. Maybe you haven’t even talked to another human in days. This can make you feel trapped and remove you from real life very fast. Taking advantage of local coffee shops or coworking facilities can help with this! It is as simple as taking your work and going somewhere else for a while. It can boost your productivity and just make you feel a little more human.

These tips are great for breaking through the monotony of working at home, and are a great thing for companies who have remote workers to keep in mind! Encouraging your workers to take care of themselves is a great way to keep them happy.

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