5 Brands Using Tiktok Successfully

Tiktok has quickly taken over as the next big platform for social media, but there are still those who are hesitant to join the craze. While some people don’t understand what the purpose or idea behind the app is, others seem to stay away because they are convinced it is a waste of time. This is a platform that many users seem to be sinking hours into, which is something more business should capitalizing on.

If you can’t beat ’em…

Understanding that potential customers are spending hours of their time on Tiktok is something that could benefit you greatly, if you understand how to capitalize on it. There are many businesses that have embraced the app and are using the trends and style of Tiktok to grow their business and gain a brand new audience. Let’s look at a few…

5 Brands who are blowing up on Tiktok

  1. Scrubdaddy – The team at Scrubdaddy are taking full advantage of the unique humor and trends found on the app and using it to their benefit. They are participating in trends as well as sprinkling in marketing videos here and there.
  1. Chipotle – Their videos are a great mix of old fashioned marketing – letting customers know about deals or menu items they may not have heard of before – and some trends. They are also using popular creators on the platform to show of their products.
  1. Gymshark – Knowing your audience is a huge marketing strategy. The team at Gymshark are using that tool well. They have a good mixture of workout videos as well as videos showcasing their products while still working in popular sounds and trending ideas.
  1. Gucci – This is a great example of a company using Tiktok, but keeping true to their brand. All of Gucci’s videos feel luxurious and on brand, but they are still catching the attention of consumers. They aren’t participating in a lot of trends, but they are using popular sounds and creators to help bump their videos in the algorithm.

  1. Starbucks – Despite their popularity, Starbucks has fully embraced the ways of Tiktok. They are on the trends, they are working with popular creators, and they are making unique videos surrounding their products. Their videos are a great mix between more professional feeling content to videos that feel like they fit perfectly on the app.

What do they all have in common?

Each of these brands is keeping up with the trends, not just on Tiktok but in marketing in general. By using this platform to their advantage, they are following their customers and gaining new ones!

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