Try out A/B Testing

There are many different ways to test out different content. You can rely on tracking engagement on different posts, or you can try A/B testing. A/B testing, or split testing, is when content is presented with two different versions to see the different responses. Let’s look at how this can make a difference in your marketing and content creation.

Take out the guess work

This type of testing allows you to gather data a lot more easily. You don’t have to wait as long to gather feedback from you clients. It helps you create data and move forward with planning more easily. If you rely on normal feedback, you can be waiting awhile to see what works. But with A/B testing, things move much faster.

Reduce Bounce Rate

Many things can factor into your websites bounce rate. Your bounce rate is when someone visits your site and only views one page. People generally bounce because they find the site hard to navigate, or don’t see anything that catches their eye. It can be hard to cater to everyone. Using split testing can help reduce this. You can run the different variations on your site, track what is working, and cut your bounce rate faster.

A/B Testing is Low Risk

Using this testing can help you make low risk changes to your website or content. By having variations of your content, and tracking the different reactions, you can slowly adjust things as you go. Making these small adjustments are a lot less risky than making large changes all at once. Updating your content often can also boost interaction.

In the end, A/B testing can help you improve your website and content in several ways. It is a low risk way to take out the guess work of editing your platforms. It can help you optimize your content faster than traditional analyzing as well.

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