Each Social Media Platform is Unique

Each social media platform has a very different intended purpose. Even when it comes to personal use, people tend to use them all in different ways. Using them for your business is no different! If you want to optimize your use of each platform, you need to be sure you are using them as intended.


Twitter is often used for brief text posts, links to articles or other content, and occasionally photos. This platform is best used for notifying customers of sales, new products, and the goings-on at your company. It is a way to keep people up to date on anything important to your brand.


Most people use Facebook as a way to keep in touch with others. It is a lot more personal content and life updates. A great way to use this for your business is to keep things personal and share content about your employees, locations, customer reviews, and any stories important to your company. This will help connect you to your clients on a personal level.


Instagram is mainly used for casual content. It can be used for personal posts, life updates, or just a general place to share whatever is currently happen in your life. For your company, it is the perfect place to post products, updates, sales, and most content in general. You want to mix things up and be sure you post a good variety. It is also a great place to keep things easily accessible for your customers. A great way to do that is with Instagram stories and an Instagram Shop!


This is definitely the most casual platform of them all. Tiktok is a great place to get creative and interact with your audience. You can use it for fun, trendy videos and laid back content. Users generally post short videos about their life, things they like, or just whatever they feel like sharing. The main point of this platform is pure entertainment. This makes it the best place to just interact with your customers and try out some fun trends.

Because Each Platform is Different…

You may want to use them all! A great way to be sure you are reaching as many people as possible is by using each platform. Since they can all be used so differently, figuring out how to use each of them for your business is a great way to keep your company relevant and seen.

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