3 Tiktok Trends to Try Now!

Tiktok is about more than just dancing and lip-syncing to sounds and has actually become a top trending app for business advertisement. From big, well known companies, to small businesses, to actors, to authors, almost everyone has jumped on the trend and started using the app.

One of the biggest aspects of Tiktok is its trends. They come and go quickly, so its important to stay active and try to stay on top of them. By participating in trends, or using trending sounds, it allows your video to be more likely to go viral and therefore be seen by more people.

It can be hard to keep up with what is trending, so let us help you out! Here are 3 trends you should try now:

This Rainy Day is Temporary:

One of the top trending sounds right now is “Just a Cloud Away” by Pharrell Williams, and though people are using the sound for countless different kinds of videos, the top trending one is to show something happy or positive! The song is all about the bad days being temporary, and how a good day is just a cloud away, so this is the perfect trend to lean into some positivity. A great way to do this would be to showcase some of the ways your business/products can help people or the positive impact it can have.

Miami, My Amy:

This next sound is something that people are using to invoke a little nostalgia. People are using this trend to reminisce on something from the past, whether that be going to family events at young age, or visiting a local store. It seems to center around going somewhere, and knowing the kinds of things the people around you will say. Because this trend seems to be about knowing what to expect from a place of comfort or familiarity, businesses could use this to show of their environment!

Cornfield Chase:

For something a little different, you can use this sound to show off a memory or a big moment for you business! This sound has been going around for awhile, and people are using it to show memories or good moments from the past. They use it with a voice effect to give it a more dream like quality, and it really does feel like you are witnessing a core memory.

Keeping up with the trends can be hard, but knowing what is going on in the world of social media can be super impactful for your business. If you want to reach more people, working with the algorithm by using sounds that are popular is can be a huge boost for views.

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