Many companies will tell you what they can do. We can show you what we’ve done. Whether you’re looking to open your doors for the first time or venture into new categories. we’ve worked with the biggest names and can get you where you want to be.

We provide an affordable San Luis Obispo and Pittsburgh marketing, branding and relations option.

What do we do?

  • graphic design – logos, letterheads, flyers, business cards, menus – you name it!
  • social media planning, management and marketing – we decide where you need to be and what needs to be said!
  • influencer management – we can find you just the right influencer or microinfluencer, and also provide influencer representation!
  • community development – we are one of the few companies uniquely prepared to build and manage online communities, especially in the gaming industry!
  • relations – from the simplistic press release to an all-out campaign, we speak public and media relations fluently!

We worked with Solease to identify core standards we wanted to reach, and then developed a roadmap to get her there through color story, synchronization and tone.

The result is a new and improved look that is almost as fabulous as the woman who inspired it.

Thanks for entrusting us with the new you!

Rebrand Strategy/ New Site Development

Book Smart

When the books are sexy, but the branding wasn’t – Allogi to the rescue!

Solease M. Barner is a bestselling romance author, Her Draglen Brothers series is sexy and swoony but her branding and site didn’t express her sophisticated style at all.

By establishing a brand standard that more suited her sultry and swoony stories, we helped this fab author pave a new path to Sexytown.

By identifying key demographics that were missed in the past, as well as strategic partnerships with influencers and microinfluencers, we were able to engage new audiences and increase social growth from approximately 200k paid impressions to 1m organic in a single month.

Additionally, we expanded the company into an untapped vertical and increased sales both in the United States and for the global brand.

Branding/ Social Media Management/ Influencer Management

Pen Zen

Let’s face it: writing implements aren’t sexy. Or are they?

Zebra Pen USA had a serious visibility problem. When faced with large marketshare competitors like BiC and Papermate, they found themselves out in the cold, in spite of high quality and low prices.

Through research and brainstorming, App Scrolls became GamerSpeak, a game marketing firm focused on publisher relations.

Branding/ Strategic Marketing/ Consumer Relations

Name Game

All companies evolve, but this can be especially true for startups. The entrepreneurial spirit encourages growth and change.

In working with App Scrolls, we noted that the name and original strategy cited by leadership no longer encapsulated the work being done by the company.